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NOTE: EVERYONE MUST COMPLETE THIS FORM, even if you just attended our last event as an Icon.


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Next Steps

1. Please join the Facebook Group HERE so we can keep in communication with you in between the monthly meetings.

2. Stay tuned for a registration link for our monthly ‘icons’ online meeting. The purpose of these calls is for the icons to get to know one another, to discuss updates on the event and to share best practices/grab the ‘hot seat’ if desired. Please register for EACH call so that you are reminded and receive replay link in the event you’re unable to attend.

If anyone comes to mind who would make for a solid addition to our ‘icons of influence’ team please send an email to kelly@steveolsher.com with their name and podcast name so we can check them out. If we’re interested in pursuing then we’ll let you know if we’d like an introduction. Please do NOT send an intro email unless asked as that makes it awkward if we don’t find them to be a good fit.

If you want to promote the event (which would be greatly appreciated), please sign on as an affiliate HERE.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Kelly via email (kelly@steveolsher.com) or you can reach her by phone directly at (618) 624-3080.