Would You Like To Meet 1-On-1 With 40 ‘Icons Of Influence’ Who Are Looking For Guests… Just Like YOU… To Feature On Their High Visibility Platforms?  

If You’re Tired Of Being The World’s Best-Kept Secret & Are Ready To Get The Visibility You Deserve, Do Whatever It Takes To Attend…  


September 22 – 24, 2017 | San Diego, CA

The New Media Summit Is The ONLY Event Where You Are GUARANTEED To Connect Personally With The World’s Most Popular Podcasters And Leave With Bookings In Hand!

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Super Early-Bird Pricing Ends In…









The NEW MEDIA SUMMIT is a brand new conference for coaches, authors, speakers, holistic practitioners and entrepreneurs to receive detailed training on leveraging, and monetizing, the power of new media… and, to connect with ‘icons of influence’ who can make YOU famous with the push of a button.

If you’re serious about getting massive exposure for your business, you need to secure your seat at the inaugural NEW MEDIA SUMMIT and get the high-level visibility you deserve.

Today, more people turn to New Media platforms such as podcasts, blogs and social media channels for their entertainment, information and education than to ALL major television networks, radio stations and newspapers combined!

If you’re not being featured on these outlets, then who is?


Why should they get the visibility that you have as much right to (or more!) as they do??

At the NEW MEDIA SUMMIT, you get to cut to the front of the line and meet the producers and hosts who are looking for guests just like you!

Imagine how many more people would hire you to speak or buy your products and services if you were featured on MAJOR podcasts such as The Solopreneur Hour, Blogging Your Passion, ReLaunch, Conscious Millionaire, Reinvention Radio and MANY others!

The answer is… A LOT!

The NEW MEDIA SUMMIT is the only place where you’re guaranteed to have personal, one-on-one, face-to-face appointments with the decision makers who can make you famous with the push of a button… and, leave with bookings in hand! 

40 Influencers From The World’s Most Listened To Podcasts Will Be On Hand Looking For Guests… JUST LIKE YOU!

A Highlight Of The Amazing ‘Icons Of Influence’ Who Will Be Present Include: