Tyler WagnerTyler Wagner
The Business Blast Podcast

Tyler Wagner is the founder of Authors Unite where he guides people to become successful authors by helping them get on major bestseller lists and growing their businesses. He has helped over 300 people become successful authors. He is also the bestselling author of Conference Crushing, a book designed to help businesspeople and entrepreneurs maximize their ROI at networking events, conventions and conferences.

His passion is to help as many people become successful authors and business owners as possible. The feeling of holding his first book when it came in the mail changed his life and he wants everyone to experience that. The feeling of intertwining what you love with your work is nothing less than bliss. Everyone deserves this feeling if they\’re willing to put in the work.

Podcast Topics:
What’s the best story from your life that has an underlying, valuable message?

What’s the most valuable piece of information we should know that’s within your expertise/industry?

What’s your best piece of overall business advice?

If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?

In your opinion, what’s the key to happiness?

What’s the best book you’ve read and what was the #1 thing you learned from it?

What’s your favorite quote and why?

What’s the best way for people to find you online?

Ideal Guest Avatar: Author, Speaker, Coach, Consultant, Entrepreneur

What are you looking for in a guest: Success in any of the above fields

Best advice to offer those looking at being a podcast guest: Show me that you’ve had success in these fields