Thom Singer, Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do Podcast at New Media SummitThom Singer

Thom Singer believes that all opportunities come from people. As a keynote speaker he combines a robust mix of actionable content with a high-energy delivery style. He is the author of eleven books on the power of business relationships, networking, presentations skills, legal marketing and entrepreneurship – and is the host of the popular “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” podcast.

Thom inspires audiences to move beyond the superficial connections of “likes”, “links”, “shares “ and “follows” in our social media crazy world and re-embrace the long-term and mutually beneficial relationships that lead to more business.

Thom and his wife, Sara, make their home in Austin, Texas and are the parents of two highly-spirited daughters.

Podcast Topics: Entrepreneurship, Business, Sales, Career, Potential

Ideal Guest Avatar: A successful business entrepreneur. Ideally who has grown a company with employees (not just solopreneur – but some solopreneurs are a good fit, too).

What are you looking for in a guest? Someone who has achieved high levels of success and can show how they got across the gap between potential and results. This is not for people who want to be entrepreneurs or are still figuring out how they will succeed.

Advice for podcast guests: If you want the attention of a podcaster, promote their show. I break all my rules for guests if I see the person chatting up the show on social media for a long time before they reach out. I get 25 inquiries a week to be a guest and conduct one interview per week.