Strickland Bonner | Biz Wiz PodcastStrickland Bonner

Strickland Bonner is the producer of the BizWiz podcast, featuring short, focused interviews with entrepreneurs and thought leaders who are accomplishing things in remarkable new ways. Each season offers daily episodes of concentrated tips from all industries to help
you grow your business.

Strickland is also the co-founder of Turnkey Podcast, currently producing more than 17 podcasts with diverse interests and titles including THRIVE Loud, All Business, Vagina Talks and Doggie Style. Turnkey has created a new way to monetize a podcast without having to
beg for sponsorship, take over your life, or sell your soul.

Along with Doug Sandler, Strickland is also co-host of “The Nice Guys on Business” podcast publishing 5 days/week with over 1.5 million total downloads to date. He also performs in a wedding band on the weekends and has 17 year-old triplet daughters at home. In his spare time Strickland occasionally likes to eat and sleep.

Podcast Topics: Daily business advice from a variety of industries in concentrated form

Ideal Guest Avatar: Entrepreneurs, High achievers, Creative marketing brains, Speakers, anyone disrupting their industry with new ideas.

Best advice to offer those looking at being a podcast guest: Be on time, tell your own story, don’t sell.