Sean Douglas - Life Transformation

Sean Douglas is a U.S. Air Force Veteran, TEDx Speaker, Master Resilience Implementer, Suicide Awareness Trainer, Business Positioning Strategist, International Radio Show Host of Life Transformation Radio, and Author. His WHY is he’s a suicide survivor who hit rock bottom with no purpose or passion. He believes that you were created for a purpose, and once you unlock your true potential, you will elevate your life, which is why he founded The Success Corps. In a highly interactive and engaging environment, utilizing online mentoring sessions and face to face workshops, Sean works with Entrepreneurs, Speakers, and Business Owners to improve their Positioning in the Market which increases Profitability while decreasing their anxiety and stress they feel in life. Sean equips them with the tools necessary to live EPIC lives, and leaves them better equipped to manage change effectively.

Considered an “Icon of Influence in the New Media Space”, Sean hosts the popular live online radio show, Life Transformation Radio, heard in over 70 countries with thousands of weekly listeners.

Podcast Topics: Transformational moments in your life and your business

Ideal Guest Avatar: Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Business, Podcasters, Authors who have transformed their life for better and now helps to transform the world around them. The ideal guest doesn’t have to have a WOW story, but has climbed from the bottom and now uses their Transformational moment that changed their life to then change lives around them.

What are you looking for in a guest? I’m looking for someone who delivers value, has an amazing story to tell, can carry a great conversation, giving, and has a love of life about them. Humor and integrity are a must.

Advice for podcast guests:Listen to the a few of the episodes that you want to be a guest on so you get a feel for the flow of the show. Make sure you give value to the audience. Market your episode just as much as the host will market it.