Richard OteyRichard Otey

Richard Otey had artistic, adventurous and fun loving parents who provided him a happy early childhood. And that became part of his filter for life. But, as he grew older, he found many people weren’t happy with their life. Even some of those who appeared to have everything that “Society” said should make them Happy. This started him wondering, why? What is it that makes people Happy?

He had a varied career that took him from health food stores to Hollywood, and currently the online world of eCommerce. With every experience, he recognized a big piece of the puzzle was making someone else happy. Whether a customer, an audience member, or an online client, everyone was looking for something to make them happy. So Richard is now making it his goal, purpose, and mission, to help others recognize the varied expressions of happiness, so they can enjoy the happiness within their life.

Along with being a host alongside Steve Olsher and Mary Goulet on Reinvention Radio, Richard co-hosts The Ecwid eCommerce Show and his own business show, Rich eCommerce.

Now, Richard is launching the Own Your Happiness Podcast, an inspired happiness philosophy, and program, which stands apart from traditional self-help messages on happiness. Once he shares it, people see their own potential. They can focus and apply their signature happiness profile to any given area of their life. Increasing their contentment, joy, and inner peace, so they can be more creative and share their best self with the world.

Soon to be released: “Reinventing Happiness” Book and “Reinventing Happiness” Card and Dice game.

Podcast Topics: Overcoming Interpersonal Challenges, Creating Successful Outcomes, Developing Happiness.

Ideal Guest Avatar: My ideal guest is someone who realizes that true success is only achieved through inner fulfillment.

What are you looking for in a guest: An Interesting Story of Finding Happiness in Any and Every Aspect of Life

Best advice to offer those looking at being a podcast guest: Know Your Own Story and How to Tell it to Many Audiences.