Raven Blair GloverRaven Blair Glover

“Jack Canfield was quoted saying that he felt She’s one of the best interviewers on the planet!“

Her name is Raven Blair Glover, Former CNN radio personality Raven aka The Talk Show Maven, known by many as “Queen of Interview Marketing & Conversion”. She’s recipient of the 2016 President Lifetime Achievement Award, Global Women’s Outstanding Leadership Award, and the Giant Community Award.

As a child she dreamt of being on radio, however, her journey didn’t begin until she was 55 years of age at the ICU of a hospital while waiting by her Mother’s bedside for her to recover. That’s when she realized that in order to truly be there financially for her mom she had to change the direction of her life…a few months later she started her 1st interview podcast and now has taken it from a single show into the popular Amazing Women Of Power Itunes radio station reaching 4.5 million listeners and featuring up to 20 other radio host shows. On top of having a positive programming radio station, she hosts 3 award-winning radio shows, but her true passion is teaching other entrepreneurs how to be the Oprah and Larry King in their niche, leveraging the power of interview marketing will grow their business fast!

Raven is considered to be one of best when it comes to interviewing current thought leaders, celebrity’s, powerful business owners and ordinary people with extraordinary stories. Some of the people Raven has interviewed include Les Brown “The Motivator” – International speaker, Victoria Rowell – Acclaimed Actress (Young & the Restless) Alex Mandossian – Internet Marketing Guru, Dr. Joe Vitale – Marketing Guru, Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols, and that’s just to name a few. Raven is the prime definition of thriving beyond your circumstances. She’s a survivor of an emotionally abusive childhood and broken through barriers to building a 6 figure new media business from her kitchen table.

Podcast Topics: We cover a variety of topics: Business, Lifestyle, Wellness, Careers from home, Inspiration, Finance, empowerment, spirituality, abuse and relationships.

Ideal Guest Avatar: Online business leaders/Icons, small business entrepreneur, lifestyle & business strategist, as well as entertainers/celebrities…who have inspiring stories of transformation they’re willing to share along with their struggles challenges and the steps that led to their personal or business growth and breakthroughs

What are you looking for in a guest : I look for the best of the best, bold, courageous, passionate and driven amazing women and men who bring a lot of fun and positive energy to the show, who are willing to be authentic, speak from the heart and not their head, who keeps it real with the audience. Guests who are not only willing to share their success stories but they are just as willing to pull back the curtain and share their step by step proven strategies and formulas, they’ve used to reach the level of success they currently have.

I look for a guest who has the know-how to give great conversational interviews and are on point with their answers to the questions not all over the place. Lastly, I look for a guest who comes with great relevant content, that doesn’t hold back, are both informative and entertaining and knows how and when to seed about their products or services without sounding salesy!

Best advice to offer those looking at being a podcast guest:

  • Always be on time or 3 minutes early.
  • Speak 20% louder and 20% faster it will help give you better volume/sound quality and give you awesome energy.
  • When doing a virtual phone or video interview always inspect what you expect. In other words, be sure you test your equipment prior to the interview.