Randall Garcia, Lead At Home (Win At Life) at New Media Summit

Randall Garcia

I am a top-ranked Millennial podcaster for “The Millennial Leadership Show” and “Lead At Home (Win At Life)” which is also syndicated on AM Radio.

I have been podcasting for 2 years and have grown an audience and a following as a leader in the business world and in the context of Christian leadership.

In my community, I am currently the Board President of the San Antonio Council on Alcohol and Drug Awareness, one of San Antonio’s most historic boards. At 29 years old, I am among the youngest Board Presidents in San Antonio for organizations that exceed $3 Million annually. I have also served as Vice President and Chair of Marketing. I also serve Cross Mountain Church, as a small group facilitator and coach.

I am a 5-Star rated digital marketer who has served over 500 Business Brands, from small businesses to multi-billion organizations. I also have been named a top sales producer and sales coach in Texas by United Healthcare, which is #5 on the Fortune 500.

I have been featured on various sources such as Huffington Post, Forbes, and Medium.

Podcast Topics:  Lead At Home (Win At Life): Marriage, Parenting, Christianity, Leadership.

Ideal Guest Avatar: Lead At Home (Win At Life): Authors, Relationship Experts, Marriage and Family Therapists, Christian Leaders, Speakers.

What are you looking for in a guest: I am looking for guests who can give my audience key takeaways that provide them value, as well as promotion to their audience for exposure.

Best advice to offer those looking at being a podcast guest: Be crystal clear on the value that you can give my audience. Take a stand for something or give an interesting viewpoint. It helps to have actionable tips or steps so that the show follows a structure.