Randall Garcia, Lead At Home (Win At Life) at New Media Summit

Randall Garcia

I am a top-ranked Millennial podcaster for “The Millennial Leadership Show” and “Lead At Home (Win At Life)” which is also syndicated on AM Radio.

I have been podcasting for 2 years and have grown an audience and a following as a leader in the business world and in the context of Christian leadership.

In my community, I am currently the Board President of the San Antonio Council on Alcohol and Drug Awareness, one of San Antonio’s most historic boards. At 29 years old, I am among the youngest Board Presidents in San Antonio for organizations that exceed $3 Million annually. I have also served as Vice President and Chair of Marketing. I also serve Cross Mountain Church, as a small group facilitator and coach.

I am a 5-Star rated digital marketer who has served over 500 Business Brands, from small businesses to multi-billion organizations. I also have been named a top sales producer and sales coach in Texas by United Healthcare, which is #5 on the Fortune 500.

I have been featured on various sources such as Huffington Post, Forbes, and Medium.

Podcast Topics:  Leadership, Business, Entrepreneurship

Ideal Guest Avatar: Millennials doing big things in business. Non-Millennials shedding some light on leadership lessons and insights.

What are you looking for in a guest: I need guests that can give my audience something actionable that they can learn or implement. I want my audience to leave with value every time they listen.

Best advice to offer those looking at being a podcast guest: Be clear and concise by picking a single topic that you can deliver maximum value on. Do not try to serve everyone.

Podcast Description:

We are a network of high achieving millennials from all over the world… but we don’t fit your stereotypes.

Many of us are ditching the 9 to 5 because we’d rather start a business from scratch.

We work hard, make sacrifices, and consistently provide value for our customers.

But success to us isn’t just about building a business, it’s about building a lifestyle.

Winning at life isn’t hustling 16 hours a day, it’s leading at home, giving back to our communities, and serving our churches.

We want to live more, laugh more, and impact the world in a more significant way. That’s our definition of winning.