Nicole Scheffler, Diva TalkNicole Scheffler

Nicole Scheffler is a modern digital renaissance woman — a “Digissance Woman,” with robust tech skills, broad business background, and a passion for empowering women to succeed in technology. Nicole began in the start-up space as a programmer, worked as a business analyst for Fidelity, and has been breaking molds at industry leader Cisco Systems since 2006. By day she provides the strategy and planning for the engineering team in the Americas Partner Organization; and by night, she puts on her cape to help women be successful in technology careers.
Nicole and her co-founder, Kathleen Norton-Schock, created the Diva Tech Talk podcast in 2015 to provide a story library of women sharing their inspirational and diverse career journeys to spur more women to enter and/or stay in technology. They have earned 5 Clarion awards from the Association of Women in Communication and Diva Tech Talk was also a finalist in the 2019 People’s Choice Podcast awards. Begun as a passion project, this show is a “labor of love” and is growing in popularity. One unique aspect is that Diva Tech Talk provides a linked written blog highlighting each guest on the website.
When Nicole isn’t at her Cisco career or working on the podcast, she serves her community as a volunteer, teaches as an adjunct professor, and speaks frequently to women, young and in career, about how to be successful in technology. She is also completing her Jack Canfield Trainer certification and will be featured in a Jack Canfield book later in 2020.

Podcast Topics: Women in Technology: their careers and journeys; entrepreneurial women founding and leading tech ventures; diversity and inclusion leaders; and event coverage for tech-focused conferences. Diva Tech Talk focuses exclusively on the stories of how technology-oriented women, at all levels, navigate that male-dominated space, innovate, balance priorities, and become “successful” (however each one might define “success”). The interviewers probe to understand more than just the subject’s resume. We help them describe the trajectories of their journeys, and every stone they had to turn, in their career travels. We want the audience to understand what motivates these women, how they entered their fields, what they are doing in their respective vertical industries. And we encourage them to share both professional and personal wisdom and tips to help and guide other girls and women. Our overall goal is to help attract, inspire and retain women in the field of technology.

Ideal Guest Avatar: We want to spotlight women at all levels in their technology careers, with all different kinds of backgrounds. Each subject must be in tech, and we want a woman willing to share her career journey in a way that inspires other women to consider and engage in a tech career. As we build this timeless library of women in technology, we are looking for diverse within diversity. We want all ages, races, gender identities, spiritual preferences, experience, locations, etc.

What are you looking for in a guest: We want to feature amazing women in technology careers, from all over the world! We don’t care how long she has been in the industry or if she just switched from being a stay at home mom to being a developer. We love technology and all facets of the women behind it!

Best advice to offer those looking at being a podcast guest: Focus less on things found on your resumes and more about experiences, education and insights you have gained. Tell stories that help our listeners identify with you, and relate to your wisdom. Be open and honest, but share an overall positive message about your career.

Podcast Description: From executives of large corporations to innovative entrepreneurs, women are making huge positive strides in the technology sector. The two main goals of Diva Tech Talk, co-founded by two experienced technologists, are to encourage more females to consider a technology career, and retain female talent contributing to technology today. To communicate the strong value that women bring and to share the lessons they have learned, Diva Tech Talk features interviews with passionate female tech leaders and emerging leaders, at all ages and stages of their careers and journeys.
Dynamic and accomplished tech women get “on the mic” to relate their experiences, accrued wisdom, and perspectives. Themes of consistency, leaping leadership, balance, courage, overcoming challenges, facing discrimination, defeating impostor syndrome, learning to give back, life-long evolutionary education, and much more, have been echoed by all the “podcastees”, over the years. And there have been universal lessons that traverse each experience, whether the woman featured has been working her way upward from large corporate trenches, or breaking free to found upstart ventures.
Above all, Diva Tech Talk is an exercise in “giving” —- the founders started and continue to build community by helping talented women tell their stores; and the women selflessly offer their viewpoints, and advice, to provide insights and encouragement to other women, most of whom they will never meet. It is the essence of “win/win”.