Nicholas Scalice

Nicholas Scalice

Nicholas is the founder of Earnworthy, a marketing consultancy that helps brands turn website visitors into leads and customers using high-converting landing pages. He’s the host of Growth Marketing Toolbox, which is one of the top growth marketing podcasts in the world, and also the host of the Landing Page School Podcast.

Podcast Topics: Marketing, Growth Marketing, Marketing Tools, Digital Marketing, Growth Hacking

Ideal Guest Avatar: Marketers or business professionals who make, manage, or use popular growth marketing tools that they can speak about. The ideal guest is a high-profile SaaS marketing company founder who has created a tool for marketers.

What are you looking for in a guest: Someone who can discuss specific marketing tools that marketers can benefit from, in detail, while sharing specific use cases, features, and tips and tricks. Someone who can also share the specific marketing stack they are using.

Best advice to offer those looking at being a podcast guest: Have an idea to present to the host. Provide sample questions you can answer. Create a theme based around a problem you can solve for the host’s audience. And listen to and review their show before you reach out! Many hosts will notice that.