Michael WoodwardMichael Woodward

Michael is the founder and CEO of jumbleThink. jumbleThink is a podcast that tells the stories of dreamers, makers, innovators, and influencers. Prior to starting jumbleThink, Michael founded Woodward Design Group. He and his team built over 400 websites and web applications for clients including from small local businesses, international non-profits, startups, and Fortune 100 corporations. He has also consulted with hundreds of other businesses and was a consultant with the Small Business Development Council in Butte County, Ca. He has taught courses on web design / development and marketing strategies. His passion is to help individuals and businesses make their dreams attainable through creative thinking / idea formation and strategy.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur Michael was the worship and youth pastor for an intercity church located in Northern California. Michael is married to Jennifer Woodward and father to Lucy and Lily. He and his family currently reside in Boiling Springs PA. His passions include New York City (specifically Manhattan), playing and building guitars, running, reading, and dreaming big.

Podcast Topics: Entrepreneurship, Maker Movement, Startup Culture, Ideas, Chasing your dreams

Ideal Guest Avatar: Our audience is the older millennial, younger gen-xer (between 27-44 years old). 60-65% male, 35-40% female. They are longing to find community…a tribe in which they belong. They often have ideas that are abnormal or go against the current trends. They don’t accept the status quo but long for more. They typically spot the up and coming trends long before their friends or family. They see the world as what could be, not what is. You could spot them watching Ted Talks, with a group (not looking at their phones) talking about ideas and dreams, reading, writing, inventing, and building. They love both things that are old and things that are new. While they are pushing into uncharted territory they also know the value of the people that have gone before them. They look to those people for wisdom and the stories they can tell. They are the misfits, the outcasts, the voices unheard. They tend to have a strong faith and sense of integrity. They are honest but compassionate.

What are you looking for in a guest : The podcast is focused on Dreamers, Makers, Innovators, and Influencers. Our ideal guests all started out with an idea, dream, or passion. Now they are turning the idea into real world change. They went from working the 9-5 to creating their own path. Some of the industries that they have included are entrepreneurs, business owners, startup founders (tech and otherwise), filmmakers, makers, artists and artisans, musicians, winemakers, craftsmen and builders, inventors, thought leaders, and writers. They have a story to share, a message to spread, and an idea to launch. Ultimately they are changing the world around them with the ideas they are turning into reality. The tagline we have used in season two is ‘The story of ideas’. We typically no longer accept coaches or marketing experts as guests, but have made a few exceptions based on what they do and their message.

Best advice to offer those looking at being a podcast guest:

  • Prepare to be a guest.
  • Listen to a couple of the episodes.
  • Review the podcast flow document.
  • Think about stories you can tell or examples you can use that reinforce your ideas.
  • Inform the podcast host of key topics you want to discuss, products or services you want to promote