Michael Levitt

Michael Levitt


Michael Levitt, CEO of Breakfast Leadership Inc., is a public speaker and author of two books, 369 Days: How to Survive a Year of Worst-Case Scenarios and Avoiding Chaos!: A Step by Step Guide For Executive Directors of Not-For-Profit Organizations. He teaches individuals, leaders and corporations how to (Re)Learn BOUNDARIES in their work and personal lives. As a result, they can accomplish more by doing less, to save their careers and improve their quality of life.

Michael lost his health, job, car and his home all in 369 days. He shares his compelling story with people throughout Canada and the US, so they can make the crucial changes to prevent similar losses in their own lives.

Michael has an extensive professional background that spans nearly 30 years and many industries. He was a Public Accountant for 10 years, Corporate IT Management for 10 years and Executive Director in Healthcare Not-For-Profit.

He offers 1:1 Executive Coaching, Inspiring Keynote Speeches;  Great insights on his Blog and an Online Course.

Expertise: Leadership, Boundaries, Burnout & Stress Prevention/Recovery, Healthcare Leadership, Executive Leadership

Podcast Topics Boundaries, burnout prevention, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, self-care, leadership
Ideal Guest Avatar Entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, individuals that are doing amazing things in the world, that’s making a difference for them and the people they serve.
What are you looking for in a guest? I enjoy guests that have overcome challenges and came out of those experiences stronger and better than before. Guests that inspire others to believe in themselves, and are open about how they have obtained success.
Best advice to offer those looking at being a podcast guest Be yourself. Own your greatness. Know that my listeners need to hear your story.