Melinda WittstockMelinda Wittstock

Melinda Wittstock is a serial entrepreneur dedicated to leveraging business for evolved impact and conscious transformation. She’s built 4 businesses to 6, 7 and 8 figures, she’s an acknowledged visionary in all things media, tech and content marketing, and she\’s a leading podcaster, award-winning journalist and motivational speaker.

Melinda is CEO and Founder of the “consciousness company” Wings Media, LLC, a growing network of podcasts with curated communities, events and online trainings. Melinda hosts the fast growing “Wings Of…Inspired Business” and “10XTogether: Couplepreneurs” podcasts, as well as the coaching and conscious content platform “Wings of Success” and “Wings of The Empowered Woman” retreats and masterminds. Among her accomplishments: Created and grew a BBC TV newsmagazine to a 20 million audience and pioneered one of the first crowdsourcing mobile apps and grew it to 3 million users in 8 months. Steve Jobs told her she “asked the best questions” when she interviewed him as a 24-year-old correspondent of the Times of London.

A passionate advocate for women entrepreneurs, Melinda\’s mission is to catalyze an ecosystem where we lift as we climb by mentoring each other, buying from each other and investing in each other. She is also CEO and Founder of Verifeed, the social intelligence platform assuring a Return on Authenticity™ from social media engagement.

A practitioner of meditation, yoga, visualization, gratitude and intention-setting, Melinda is passionate about encouraging conscious leadership and evolved entrepreneurship using business as a canvas to solve global challenges. Her travels have taken her to many exotic places including Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island and the Amazon Rainforest. She’s a loving mom to two teenagers and a golden retriever.

Podcast Topics:

For Wings of Inspired Business: All business topics (sales, scaling, marketing, mindset, branding, modeling, fundraising and more), as well as personal growth aimed at women.
For 10X Together: Couplepreneurs or “power couples” in business together or both of them entrepreneurs

Ideal Guest Avatar:

Wings: Women entrepreneurs with 7-9 figure businesses or startups if they are serial entrepreneurs or seasoned/accomplished executives already
10X: Couples in business together; they must both be romantically involved or married AND have successful businesses (either together or separately)

What are you looking for in a guest : Someone who can enlighten and engage my audiences, adding value, encouraging epiphanies and aha moments. Must be willing to be authentic, open, transparent and sharing. Must have proven business success.

Best advice to offer those looking at being a podcast guest:
1. Know the audience the podcaster is serving 
2. Listen and know the podcast well
3. Promote the podcast in advance and after including reviews everywhere and social media posts