Mary Goulet is an accomplished radio host/podcaster. She’s been on-air since 2002 and has been a guest host on many shows and is a co-host on Reinvention Radio with Steve Olsher and Richard Otey. Mary’s show topic has evolved over time from helping mom entrepreneurs to a show about her signature book, Go With Your Gut; How to Make Decisions You Can Trust, and blending that with her rich Catholic faith. She is an experienced interviewer and program producer.

Podcast Topics: Business, spirituality, soulful living

Ideal Guest Avatar: Someone who is interested in life and appreciates the growth from life’s ups and downs. That what they do isn’t as important as who they are while doing it. Typically, someone who is okay sporting a few humbling life bruises and is willing to be transparent in their experience. No bloviating egos here.

Advice for podcast guests:

  • Listen to the show, or several of them before you are a guest.
  • Send the hosts a copy of your book for them to read before your interview
  • Send 5 – 10 “Talking Points” in advance of the interview so the host has a framework of what you might want to discuss.
  • Learn to speak in sound bites not in one long paragraph