Mary is an award-winning author and radio/podcast and TV host since 2002. She has appeared on The Dr. Phil Show three times, co-hosted a Montel show, a guest on The CBS Early Show, Fox National News and over 75 morning shows nationwide as an expert for mom entrepreneurs.

As well as being a co-host along with Steve Olsher and Richard Otey on Reinvention Radio and Beyond 8 Figures, Mary hosts The Mary Goulet Show
focusing on Go With Your Gut, he signature program, Cultivating a Rich Interior (Spiritual Show), and Catholicism is Cool. 

Mary has authored, It\’s All About You; Live the Life You Crave (Free Press), The MomsTown Guide to Getting It All (Hyperion), and Go With Your Gut; How to Make Decisions You Can Trust. 

Mary is a mom of two daughters; Sterling and Portia and lives in the awesome coastal town of Encinitas where she sells dream homes to her clients and manages two vacation rental properties.

Podcast Topics:

  • Cultivate a Rich Interior
  • Go With Your Gut
  • Catholicism is Cool

Ideal Guest Avatar: Someone who has an entrepreneurial story/service/product. Has a topic that would my topics of making decisions (Go With Your Gut), Catholicism, and the spiritual self-help topic of Cultivate a Rich Interior.

What are you looking for in a guest? Someone who is passionate about their topic. Prepared with talking points, speaks in sound bites.

Advice for podcast guests: Talk as if no one is listening. Send the host talking points and a copy of your book/eBook. Practice your talking points and answers. Leave your ego at the door. Listen to the hosts show episodes.

Podcast Description:

Go With Your Gut: Mary lays out the basics of her signature program so you can realize what your decision-making default is and how to transform your life through better choices and decisions.

Cultivate a Rich Interior: A spiritual perspective on how to be more aware of your nature and why staying calm, being kind, having patience = all good. Mary shares her personal stories and those of others to illustrate how we can find more peace and contentment in our lives.

Catholicism is Cool: Mary shares her love of the Catholic faith and how Daily Mass, simple prayers, the saints, Mother Mary, & Jesus can enrich one\’s life, even if you\’re not Catholic.