Lee Baucom

Dr. Lee Baucom

Lee Baucom is the creator of the Save The Marriage Podcast, Thriveology Podcast, and Man of Significance Podcast. The author of 6 books and creator of several online courses, Lee is a trained therapist-turned-coach, bringing three decades of experience to those needing help in relationships and life.

In addition to podcasting, writing, and coaching, Lee runs two companies, and co-leads two other companies. In his spare time, he paddle boards, scuba dives, trail runs, and practices jiu jitsu.

Podcast Topics:

Thriveology: Self-help and self-development, aimed at growth, purpose, and meaning in life.

Save The Marriage: Relationship help, healing, and enhancement.

Ideal Guest Avatar: 

Thriveology: Guests should have a good story hook, excellent framework for helping guests to thrive, and positive energy to share.

Save The Marriage: Guests should have expertise in marriage relationship work, and a dedication to helping couples restore their marriage.

What are you looking for in a guest:I like to make sure my guests have clear direction for listeners. Not just a good story, and not just statistics. But a clear framework with specific advice and guidance. Guests should be familiar with my podcast episodes, have a clear message, and be willing to share advice. No “You’ll find that in my book/program/podcast/etc.” Freely giving advice and help is what brings it back to you. Also, being familiar with using a good mic and headphones is important, along with a strong internet connection. We record from Skype or Zoom, and quality matters.

Best advice to offer those looking at being a podcast guest: Speak to the audience of one. Don’t focus on “all of you,” but that one person, your ideal listener. Speak to them.

Also, don’t promote yourself. Let me do that. When you do it, you sound like you are selling. When I do it, it is an endorsement from someone they know (and like).