In late 2012, Kim Sutton, a former interior architect, launched her business, Sutton Strategic Solutions. Created to help alleviate financial struggles when her husband, Dave, started college, the business grew MUCH faster than planned and Kim quit her full-time job a mere two months later.

In the two years that followed, Kim not only grew her business and team, but Kim and Dave added three children to their family.

As the host of the Positive Productivity podcast as well as a digital marketing and launch strategist, Kim’s WHAT is to inspire and encourage others to design and implement their life framework and business systems in a way which reduces stress while magnifying productivity, purpose and profits.

Podcast Topics: Mindset, Self-Care, Business Systems and Technology, Healthy Habits, Overcoming Adversity, Overcoming Anxiety and Depression, Entrepreneurship.

Ideal Guest Avatar: My ideal guest is an entrepreneur who isn’t afraid to be transparent, authentic, and share their experiences – both good and bad – to help others. S/he has faced adversity and overcome their struggles, and s/he knows how to keep a positive attitude when all hell is breaking loose. S/he knows how to laugh, can roll with bloopers, and realizes that life is an experience to be enjoyed rather endured.

The guest has listened to previous episodes of the show and understands that I am non-combative and have an easy-going personality. My ideal guest does NOT come on the show purely to pitch products or stir up controversy. This type of conversation will be quickly ended.

Advice for podcast guests: The best podcast guests on any show have listened to the show prior to their interview, and preferably more than one episode! You are familiar with the host and their audience, and also with the typical show format. And please, for the love of all that is holy, put away your jar of peanuts or M&M’s prior to the interview starting. Nobody wants to hear your jar rattling or you chewing during your interview!