Joe Sanok, Practice of the Practice Podcast at New Media SummitJoe Sanok

Joe Sanok is a TEDx and keynote speaker, he has the #1 podcast for private practices, The Practice of the Practice Podcast. Joe’s podcast gets 100k downloads per month. He\’s been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur on Fire, Eventual Millionaire, and Huffington Post. He’s most interested in how slowing down sparks new ideas that will impact the world.

Podcast Topics:

How to start, grow, and scale a private practice
Lifestyle design
Business Basics 
Big Ideas: Podcasts, books, keynotes, webinars, and e-courses 
Living a really awesome life 
Mental health
Overall health

Ideal Guest Avatar: An ideal guest starts with being able to tell good stories, keep up a conversation, and make clear points. We start with the idea that you design your life first and then your business and big ideas fit into that. An ideal guest adds to the on-going conversation about how to grow a private practice that will grow income, innovation, influence, and impact.

What are you looking for in a guest? An ability to discuss their unique point of view, utilize stories and research to make their points, and add content that matters to private practice owners.

Advice for podcast guests: Have a playlist of stories. When you do this, you can adjust your interview so each one is unique. Also, know some numbers and research to help show your point isn’t yours, but backed up by science. Also, do not no show or late cancel unless a true emergency happens.

Podcast Description: The Practice of the Practice Podcast is the #1 podcast for health care private practices. The goal is to help owners to start, grow, and scale…while also going after big ideas. Think lifestyle meets business school, while having entertaining conversations.