Joe Fier & Matt WolfeJoe Fier & Matt Wolfe

Joe Fier & Matt Wolfe have been in business for themselves (and together for most of the time) for 11 years. Their podcasting career started in 2010 and it’s been their passion ever since. Both guys were born and still reside in toasty San Diego and run a traffic and branding education company called Evergreen Profits. At their core, they guide their audience to live and work in ways that aren’t the norm, mainly around the focuses of generating qualified, consistent traffic and growing a brands. Come say hi and grab a beer with Joe & Matt… you’ll get the good stuff out of them 🙂

Podcast Topics: Traffic, systems, mindset, email marketing, branding, advertising, video marketing, health/fitness, lifestyle, investing, networking, and more.

Ideal Guest Avatar: 

A comfortable presenter on their topic of complete expertise. Has influence over their audience and high engagement. Is willing to open up & flow with conversation. Is a good person 🙂

What are you looking for in a guest :

Someone who is willing to be an open book, is willing to share their best stuff, willing to share their episode with their audience, and is willing to give it their best!

Best advice to offer those looking at being a podcast guest:

Be prepared on what you will speak on, be transparent and honest, overdeliver value, be comfortable, be conversational, go into detail on specific processes, give actionable strategies, be willing to go with the flow of conversation.