Ian Lobas, Real Estate RockstarsIan Lobas

Real estate agent, Investor, Podcast Host, High Performance Coach, Speaker, Consultant and more. Those are the hats Ian Lobas wears and wears them well. Based out of Baltimore Maryland where he lives with his amazing wife Meredith and 2 incredible children, Ellis & Wesley. This is where Ian operates his real estate sales team and where many of his investment properties are located. Some of the things Ian likes to do when not hosting a podcast are traveling around the world, family road trips, sailing, flying airplanes, photography, racing cars, hanging out with his kids and going to Hershey Park. Ian started his podcast journey by hosting a weekly podcast for his private entrepreneurial mastermind group. From there, because of his ability to create meaningful & purposeful conversations and get from the guest exactly what the audience is wanting to hear, the episodes started getting a lot of attention from other large influencers around the country. One in particular caught Ian’s attention quickly after he interviewed Pat Hiban. After some conversation and a trial co hosting on one episode, Pat brought Ian on full time to take over the majority of the interviews on Real Estate Rockstars. Today Ian has interviewed countless celebrities, top performers, up & coming rookies and many other notable people of the real estate world.

Podcast Topics: Anything and everything related to the world of residential, commercial & investment real estate.

Ideal Guest Avatar: We are looking for real estate agents who are excelling at their career, doing well, making money, building businesses and have a proven track record of success. These are people who push past their limitations, overcome objections, handle adversity, build teams and are doing over $10M in sales volume a year in production. Any agent, team leader or broker who is changing the game, disrupting the market and making a difference in their community and the world of real estate.

What are you looking for in a guest: We are looking for great personality & attitude. Someone who can clearly communicate their points and articulate their vision. They are personable, fun and have a great attitude. Our guests are not afraid of digging deep and getting vulnerable talking about their past and how & what they have been able to change that makes them who they are today. Our guests are great conversationalists, know how to talk to connect with the audience and aren’t shy about being on camera.

Best advice to offer those looking at being a podcast guest: Just be you, authentically you. Have a conversation with us. Don’t put on a show for the audience. They will pick up on that fear, insecurity and inauthenticity. Be true to you, honest and you will connect with the audience much deeper. Leave your ego at the door.

Podcast Description: Real Estate Rockstars is real estate agent centered & focused. Real Estate Rockstars podcast, the 2nd largest Real Estate Agent based podcast in the country, gets the best stories, first hand accounts, info and education for our audience from agents around the country who are doing amazing things in the real estate world.