Eric NevinsEric Nevins

Eric Nevins is the host of Halfway There, a podcast about the Christian experience in today’s world. He has a Master of Divinity from Denver Seminary with an emphasis in spiritual formation. He uses new media to highlight a neglected aspect in his tradition’s spirituality: personal experience with God and to promote the idea that life with God is more varied than we expect.

Podcast Topics: Christian experience

Ideal Guest Avatar: 

My ideal guest is a person who has wrestled with faith in God and discovered a new kind of life. Typically, this is either a dramatic conversion or a period of time when their faith was in doubt and they learned something about themselves and God in the process. An ideal guest is a good story teller and is willing to go deep into their experience while avoiding vague and confusing generalities. They tell what actually happened to them, the real thoughts they had about God during their most difficult times, and the specifics of how God changed their minds and hearts. Vulnerability is a must. Having an audience already is wonderful but not required.

What are you looking for in a guest :

I look for three things in a podcast guest: (1) Are they willing to share their story openly, vulnerably, and specifically? (2) Are they able to share their story without comparing to others? And (3) Are they willing to share their story on social media for all to hear?

Best advice to offer those looking at being a podcast guest:

Be valuable. Know what you want to say. Tell stories that support your message and weave them all together while sounding natural.