Devi AdeaSpiritual Entrepreneur

Devi Adea is the host of the successful Spiritual Entrepreneur Podcast and the creator of the Podcast on PurposeTM Online Academy and UpLevel ClubTM. Devi is a seasoned Speaker, Podcaster, and Spiritual Business Coach & Strategist.

Devi works with Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders, Innovators, and Creatives to experience “soul-full” living and deep fulfillment, by aligning their personal mission and message with a successful business and freedom-based lifestyle. She is an uplevel specialist and helps her clients move to their next level, by working with their consciousness that yields the results and contribution that they desire.

Devi is a unique mix of spiritual entrepreneur, creative, techie nerd, and coaching genius. She brings all of her talents together to inspire, instruct, and guide others to their best version of life and self. Devi is a no-nonsense leader who believes that anything is possible with the right intention, focus, strategy, support, energy and inspired actions.

Her early career started in high-tech, working as a Senior Manager at Oracle Corporation. Devi was later trained as a Results Coach by Anthony Robbins Companies and eventually went out on her own to start her own coaching practice in the year 2000.

Devi holds a dual Bachelors of Science degree in Information Decision Systems and Industrial Management from Carnegie Mellon University and is author of the Children’s Book, “What Feelings Do You Feel?”, which helps empathic and highly sensitive children learn how to know their own feelings. One fun fact about Devi, she loves music and has a musical single out, called “Higher Ground”. She currently resides in San Diego, CA with her husband Andrew and their two cats, Juniper and Bart.

Podcast Topics: Inspiring, Innovative, and enlightening topics that are relevant to Spiritual Entrepreneurs.  Sample of past show topics can be found @

Ideal Guest:
Successful Spiritual Entrepreneurs who bring one or more of the following to the show:

  • Transformative, interesting & relevant topics, tools, resources, spiritual business practices, innovations, life hacks, etc. for Spiritual Entrepreneurs
  • An inspiring personal story around their personal journey as a Spiritual Entrepreneur
  • A Game-changing Paradigm shift for living life and doing business as a Spiritual Entrepreneur
  • Great energy and/or passion for a topic that is necessary for our planet and/or humanity
  • Enlightening insights for the soul of the Spiritual Entrepreneur
Best advice to offer those looking at being a podcast guest: Come prepared with a topic in mind that is unique, specific, and relevant to Spiritual Entrepreneurs.  Pitches for generic topics will not likely be chosen, so put some thought into what you can share as a guest that would be really valuable to our listeners. I am always looking through the lens of what will benefit the listeners when selecting show guests and topics.  If you look through that same lens with me, we are likely to find a perfect match for the show.  Have fun with the pitching process and please be yourself.  Our podcast is based on authentic self-expression of your gifts in business.  It is important for me to get a clear sense of who you are and what you are about during our time together so that I can tell if the show is a good fit for you and you are a good fit for the show.