Dennis Langlais, Five Minute Bark Podcast at New Media SummitDennis Langlais
Five Minute Bark

Hello I am Dennis Langlais Former World traveling BMX Pro athlete and currently I am the host of The Iconic FIVE Minute Bark Podcast with over 400 episodes interviewing coaches in conversations that share life’s meaning, major shifts in thinking that lead to highly effective execution. I have vast experience as a celebrity athlete, starting/selling successful businesses and best of all retained knowledge from interviewing business owners and coaches world wide.


 Podcast Topics: Interviewing All Types of Entrepreneurs sharing their message and strategies.

Ideal Guest Avatar: Business Owners Who are looking for an accepting platform to share their message. They are open to hearing about my products and services related to podcasting and marketing.

What are you looking for in a guest? Business Owners Who are clear on what they offer either a strategy or product or service. They are prepared for a professional interview and value my time just as i value theirs.

Advice for podcast guests: Be willing to adapt to my process.

Podcast Description:

The FIVE Minute Bark – Where host Dennis Langlais has impacting conversations with other entrepreneurs share life’s meaning, major shifts in thinking that lead to highly effective execution. We dig deep to uncover the core roots of change where many enter a “Next Level Peak Performance” state that surges them through insurmountable obstacles lined with fear, pain, or perceived danger. Guests and Listeners are Relentless Rebels that invest our lives in a ticket to ride on an epic journey filled with entrepreneurial spirit, creativity with the clear end goal . . . . . Financial Freedom.

Guests Like Russell Brunson, Sean Stephenson, Steven Weatherford, Michael O’Neal – The Solopreneur Hour, Jairek Robbins – Tony Robbins son, Kate Erickson of EO Fire, Alex Charfen, Greg Walker, Nicholas Bayerle, Steve Olsher – Reinvention Radio .