Denice Duff | In Your FaceIn Your Face Podcast

Denice Duff studied at NYU’s Tisch School of the arts, directing acting and photography. She began her acting career in LA with a wide range of roles starring in a slew of horror sci fi films to national commercials and Daytime Soap Operas/ She’s also done many TV guest star roles on shows from Matlock to CSI Miami. She had a 2 yr contract role on CBS’s The Young and the Restless  and had a recurring role on Days of our Lives (with newly shot episodes to air this summer).

Concurrent to her acting career her love for being behind the lens grew fiercely and she converted her LA garage to a photo studio where she photographed thousands of actors musicians and athletes. She directed a feature film and sold it to Blockbusters all over the US  (yep, remember when…?) and has directed award winning music videos, commercial and beauty campaigns and a mini doc on the Women Scientists of NASA’s JPL that can be seen on their website. She is a first responder volunteer and was on the front lines in in Haiti after the earthquake and in New Orleans after Katrina hit.

Denice met Arianna Huffington at her book signing 3 years ago event  and after, she sent her a 3 min. video she made about finding family in Sicily that she didn’t even know she had. The video was so moving that Arianna invited her to be a regular Blogger on the post. Her articles range from the Myth of Stage Mom’s, to becoming an Empty Nester, to and how looking at baseball batting averages handled her writer’s block.  

She recently relocated to Manhattan where she has expanded her business to speaking at Entrepreneur panels, Women’s Network Groups,  and Artist Community Centers. Denice is a Facebook girl and has been sharing her lifestyle videos from healthy recipes to quick exercise hacks to marriage tips with her and her husband. Denice has a strict rule about only posting positivity on her Social Media channels. Nothing snarky, no complaining, and nothing empty, vacuous, spiteful, or self serving. She sees every post as an entertaining Show and humor is some of the best content to mix in wherever she can. She has been doing FB lives since day one and found herself being hired by less confident and untrained-in-front-of-a-camera entrepreneurs to get through their back off and fears to make doing social media something as easy and necessary as brushing their teeth. With all the time she has spent in from of the lens and behind the lens and her passionate love of meeting new people and talking to any stranger who finds themselves next to her. In Your Face, has been the repeated description for Denice. She is notorious for pulling out her camera and doing on the spot videos when she find a scenario inspiring and helpful to her friends. From cops to celebrities on the street, no one seems to turn her down.  Her latest Vlog is called In Your Face and was Inspired by her face cream she launched of the same name….

Podcast Topics:
Acting, entertainment industry, starting a new career in Life when you are over 40, How to eat healthy when you don’t have tons of cash or time,Marriage and working as a team with your spouse, starting and growing a fitness gym, starting and growing an Amazon biz selling products, why hair makeup and lighting are important, how to use social media so it doesn’t annoy you,raising kids to be independent and productive, the importance of LOVING what you do.

Ideal Guest Avatar: For me it’s easy. I love anyone passionate, positive, and playful. I will not promote drugs or pot. I will not talk about politics. I am against recreational drugs and I am not a politician so those areas are not topics I choose to take up. But basically anything else interests the hell outta me!

Best advice to offer those looking at being a podcast guestBest advice is to just reach out and and persist. I get very busy and and I appreciate the person who doesn’t give up after one or even two attempts to collaborate. Third time will be the charm…or maybe the First! (or possibly the 4th 😉