Alison DonagheyAlison Donaghey

Alison Donaghey is the founder of #MyPart movement. She believes that we co-create everything that happens in our lives and when we honour that we move from victim state to freedom state. Through this she speaks, offers courses and has created a #My Part game called Time To Talk. 

Alison has owned a house painting business for 20 years and is now growing her second business, Domino Thinking, where she challenges people to think about what they think about.

Podcast Topics: Either a great story on moving from victim state to freedom state or a controversial topic that will give listeners insight to something they may not previously considered (My second podcast is Women Talk Trades so I will need guests either in the trades, a supplier to the trades or insight to gender concerns on the jobsite)

Ideal Guest Avatar: An ideal guest is someone who is able to present their topic clearly and concisely with a willingness to understand the other \”side\” of a discussion.

What are you looking for in a guest?Someone who is willing to promote the episode before and after. Who is able to not just talk about their topic but to actually have a back and forth conversation and willing to be a bit edgy in their opinion.

Best advice to offer those looking at being a podcast guest: Know the show you are pitching. There is nothing worse than receiving a request from someone who, if they took a moment to check out my show, is not a good fit. Waste of their time and mine.

Podcast Description:

MyPart show hosted by Alison brings on guests who have a remarkable story of how they stopped being a victim or who have a controversial point of view to share with the audience to allow them to think about what they think about. 

In the past we have covered men\’s rights, pit bulls, a professional BDSM sex master, prison reform, transgender, consent expert etc. So many great conversations over the past couple of years.