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Adam Lewis Walker

Adam Lewis Walker is a Leadership Speaker TEDx, 2 x Best-selling Author and Coach. He hosts the top-ranked podcast Awaken Your Alpha, interviewing the world’s elite minds in over 380 episodes since early 2014. Adam helps aspiring TEDx Speakers to achieve their own talk through his TalkXcelerator Program. From this work he shares the “How To Get a TEDx Talk” in the complimentary TalkXcelerator Podcast.
A former teacher and international pole-vaulter. In 2008 Adam was attempting to reach the Olympics when his career was cut short by a freak accident. Adam hit rock bottom. He had to rebuild his dreams and identity.

In 2013, Adam co-authored The New Rules of Success, sharing his no-nonsense approach to health, family and leadership. The success of this bestselling book led to the creation of the podcast and Adam’s quest to share inspirational stories, strategies and insights to be the leader in your life. As a coach and mentor, he focuses on the mindset needed for excellence and fulfillment. As a speaker Adam gave the TEDx talk Awaken Your Alpha, How to Rise Up and has been featured in The Huffington Post, ESPN, PodFest, Influencers Radio and many other media outlets.

In 2018 “Awaken Your Alpha – Tales & Tactics To Thrive” became an international bestseller on it’s October release. This book is based on the 5 years of research from his podcast.

He is a proud parent to Dylan and Harrison with his wife Christina. Originally from West Sussex in the south of England. Recently Adam achieved a lifelong dream moving his family to America.


Podcast Topics:

1. How to achieve your own TEDx Talk and the impact this can have to your mission.

2. Men’s Development, Mindset, Health, Wealth, Family, Entrepreneurship and Legacy.

Ideal Guest Avatar:

1. Pro-active aspiring TEDx speaker, TEDx organizer or someone who has already delivered their TEDx Talk.

2. Adventurous male entrepreneur with a family who is making a positive difference in the world (I do interview women for this show as well).

What are you looking for in a guest? A great personality/energy/story and able to offer specific valuable insight/lesson/area of expertise. + Huge audience & willing to promote doesn’t hurt 🙂 Please do review both my podcasts if you would like to be considered.

Best advice to offer those looking at being a podcast guest: Be specific about who you are and what you offer. Package yourself so you are able to offer a specific topic/lesson/area with resources for the show and interesting stories to back it up. Mention all/any ways you will help promote the podcast too, a big audience is not essential.

Podcast Description:

The TalkXcelerator Podcast is for aspiring TEDx speakers. Interviewing TEDx speakers and event organizers for their insights as to what it takes to get on the red dot. We also look at the impact it can have for you and talk to others actively on the “TEDx Hunt”.

Imagine if you could get instant credibility with your audience?
– To be seen as the expert in your field
– To gain worldwide reach impacting millions with your message
– To become the top thought leader your capable of
– To have more (of the right) connections
– To positively influence, impact and gain more clients
– To be featured in top media outlets
– To gain paid speaking gigs
– Even landing yourself a book deal

Good news. You can. This is all possible from achieving your own TEDx talk. It is why a TEDx is so valuable, it all starts with your decision to make it happen and doing the (right) work to get it booked…
Listening to this podcast is a great start!

NEW episode every “TalkX TUESDAY”.

Increase Your Influence, Income & Impact!

Please do watch Adam’s TEDx Talk on YouTube.
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