Adam Walker at New Media Summit

Adam Walker

Adam Lewis Walker is a high-performance coach, keynote speaker and 2 x bestselling author. He is also the host of the top-ranked podcast Awaken Your Alpha, interviewing the world’s elite in over 300 episodes since early 2014.

A former teacher and international pole-vaulter, Adam was attempting to reach the Olympics in 2008 when his career was cut short by a freak accident. During the following two years on crutches, trying to cope with the realization he would never compete again, Adam hit rock bottom. He had to rebuild his dreams and identity, eventually fighting back to represent Great Britain in a Paralympic sport and refocusing to help others achieve, regardless of their

In 2013, Adam co-authored The New Rules of Success, sharing his no-nonsense approach to health, family and leadership. The success of this bestselling book led to the creation of Awaken Your Alpha and Adam’s quest to share inspirational stories, strategies and insights to becoming the leader in your life. As a coach and mentor, he works to cultivate the mindset needed for excellence and fulfillment with an alliance supporting action, accountability
and adjustments to enhance legacy. As a keynote speaker, Adam gave the TEDx talk Awaken Your Alpha, How to Rise Up and has been featured in The Huffington Post, ESPN, PodFest, Influencers Radio and many other media outlets.

In 2018 his first solo book, based on over 4 years of research through the podcast became a reality. Awaken Your Alpha – Tales & Tactics To Thrive, became an international best-seller upon its October release.

He is a proud parent to Dylan and Harrison with his wife Christina. Originally from West Sussex in the south of England, Adam recently achieved a lifelong dream to move his family to the United States.

Podcast TopicsMen’s Development, Mindset, Health, Wealth, Family,Entrepreneurship and Legacy.
Ideal Guest AvatarAdventurous male entrepreneur with a family who is making a positive difference in the world.
What are you looking for in a guest?Male Entreprenuer with a family who does not sacrifice a core area life for success in just one discipline. A guest who has a great personality/energy and story of overcoming obstacles. Able to offer a specific valuable insight/lesson/area of expertise and resources to the show/listeners.
Best advice to offer those looking at being a podcast guestBe specific about who you are and what you can offer.
Package yourself so you are able to offer a specific topic/lesson/area of expertise with resources for the show and interesting stories/experiences to back it all up.