Rob Dionne is a lifestyle and fitness expert based out of Los Angeles. He specializes in helping busy people and high-level entrepreneurs get out from behind their desks and carve out time to create a better quality of life for themselves and their family’s. You might have heard Rob on the Rdella Training Podcast, Dear Matty Show and many others, discussing his views on why the traditional approach to weight loss is a waste of time. With the highly active Open Sky Fitness Podcast Group, Rob proves that a small, active community can be all you need to grow a successful online business.

Podcast Topics: 11 Ways to Create Structure with a Busy Schedule, Metabolism: How it Effects Your Weight Loss, Sugar Substitutes: Everything You Need to Know

Ideal Guest Avatar: Experts with a good story. Our guests have written books on a variety of subjects, like nutrition, fitness, habit building, sleep improvement, time management, productivity, physical therapy, autoimmune disease, etc. We’re always looking for people to inspire our listeners to make healthier choices in their lives with every episode.

We love when guests have a very specific specialty, but are not dogmatic about their approach. We need them to be well spoken and know how to tell a story. A good sense of humor doesn’t hurt either.

Advice for podcast guests: Be yourself. Ask yourself how you can be of service to other podcasters, rather than how those podcasters can be of help to you.