Michelle Weinstein Success UnfilteredSuccess Unfiltered

Michelle Weinstein has the unique ability to help you immediately identify business strengths to create a unique plan
of action. More importantly, she helps you zero in on the hidden trip wires that keep you from achieving your financial dreams.
She has knocked down the doors and impressed CEO’s at many billion-dollar companies. Her relentless pursuit towards buyers
at Costco Wholesale earned her coveted shelf space that also led to national deals with The Vitamin Shoppe. Other current
clients include the Washington Nationals and Tampa Bay Rays. Within her inner circle are multi-seven figure entrepreneurs,
famous comedians, professional athletes and coaches from the NFL, NBA, MLB and the NHL.

She has accomplished incredible feats of influence, building a business both online and brick and mortar. She has sold
everything from mortgages, to wardrobes at Nordstrom, to $30k online education programs, to 7-figure homes, to Paleo
meatballs. She pitched her way on Shark Tank and raised over $1M for her last company. She uses the same formula to make all
these things happen and her goal is to use her 20 years of experience and help YOU overcome any obstacles to close more deals,
work half the time, make double the money, and work with the clients that you love to serve.

Her mission is to utilize her superpower to help entrepreneurs close any deal that comes your way, sell more products or
services, value your worth, overcome any objection thrown at you, and turn a “NO” into a “YES” so you can serve more people
and make a bigger impact in the world.

Podcast Topics: Success Unfiltered serves as a medium for successful entrepreneurs to share stories about their biggest breakthroughs from being told “NO”, dealing with rejection and how you overcame these obstacles to create their version of success as it relates to sales.

Ideal Guest Avatar: Guests; professional sports agents, actors and performers,  multi-seven figure and eight figure entrepreneurs, authors and speakers, post-Shark Tank vets, and investors.

What are you looking for in a guest? Guests to share their intimate, raw and unfiltered stories, and overcoming adversity and actions they took in order to pay it forward to other entrepreneurs who can benefit from their experiences as it relates to being told “NO”, dealing with rejection and how you overcame these obstacles

Best advice to offer those looking at being a podcast guest: Be raw, share unfiltered stories that no one has heard before, those stories we typically don’t talk about, share how you overcame adversity and be vulnerable.