Marc Raco (Chief Programming Officer) oversees MouthMedia Network’s ™ content development and production of podcasts focused on the business of lifestyle in verticals including fashion, beauty, health/fitness, travel, politics, spirituality, and more. He also co-hosts the world’s leading fashion and tech podcast  “Fashion Is Your Business” (which features frequent live-audience recordings and is a common media partner for major conferences and trade shows).

In 2016, he and his co-hosts of “Fashion Is Your Business” were invited to meet with congressional leaders in Washington, DC as expert advisors on the fashion tech industry.

As a writer, Marc was also a featured blogger for Marc has been a primary player on film/video productions teams, recognized with eight Telly Awards, two Independent Horizon Awards, and a Communicator Award. As an actor, he has held roles in more than twenty-five film projects, network television programs such as “Law and Order SVU”, “Limitless”, “Blue Bloods”, “As the World Turns”, and “Onion News Network”, television pilots and commercials. Marc has also written, produced, and recorded more than seventy musical pieces; including a full length CD, and tracks designed/used for Nortel Network’s teleconferencing system.

Podcast Topics: The business of lifestyle (fashion technology, beauty industry, travel innovation, health/fitness, spirituality, and politics)

 Ideal Guest Avatar: Anyone who has a game-changing innovation that impacts lifestyle. They must be an industry leader, a truly trendsetting innovator or someone with a compelling story to tell about how they are doing things so differently that everyone needs to hear it

Advice for podcast guests: Think of the audience as your boss, and what they would care deeply about hearing, instead of using the audience to forward your business