John Dennis is the co-owner of Podfest Multimedia Expo, one of the world’s highest rated conferences dedicated to independent podcasters and multimedia content creators. He is also the founder of Vx3 Digital, a full service digital marketing agency where they develop strategic and dynamic marketing systems designed to create exponential growth for businesses of all sizes.

John has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, The Huffington Post, The South Florida Business Journal, NBC, and is regularly interviewed on podcasts and other new media outlets.

His passion for giving back inspired him to produce the educational podcast Smart Time Online and found the Podcasters’ Hangout Facebook group, where he supports a community of over 7,000 podcast enthusiasts with their podcast production and marketing related questions and challenges.

Podcast Topics: Digital Marketing & Advertising, Business Growth, Business Leadership, Business Productivity

Ideal Guest Avatar: Someone who has a tried and true method for helping someone grow an audience or revenue (or both). Innovation counts for a lot, too!

Advice for podcast guests: Don’t talk so much about yourself. Too many people get way in over their heads in their own story and think others will find it as enthralling as they do. Humans, in general, always seek a “what’s in it for me” when listening to others… make sure your story conveys lessons or advice they can apply right away — and better yet, make your introduction more of a “credibility qualifier” that amplifies your actual content in your interview as a guest. Do this and your listeners will grow and they will like you and trust you much more than if you were to just rant on about “how great of a life you live now and how hard you had it before.”