Erica Mandy The News

Erica Mandy is an award-winning broadcast journalist, former TV news reporter and founder 
and host of theNewsWorthy. She combines more than a decade of journalism experience with her own voice and style to make it easier, faster and way more 
fun to stay updated with the day’s news 
– all in less than 10 minutes.

As a TV news reporter at stations across the country, and most recently at CBS Los Angeles, Erica Mandy was live on the scene during terrorist attacks, wildfires and federal court rulings, to name a few. She’s interviewed politicians, celebrities, industry leaders and everyday people doing extraordinary things.

Erica left CBS Los Angeles to launch theNewsWorthy. She is passionate about providing a credible, unbiased and fun option for those who wish to stay informed but are short on time and find traditional media too depressing.

theNewsWorthy with Erica Mandy has been featured on the iTunes “New & Noteworthy” list and Salon’s list of  “12 Essential Current Events Podcasts.”

Podcast Topics: Anything related to current or evergreen news topics, from politics to technology to entertainment.

Ideal Guest Avatar: Someone who has proven expertise in an interesting topic, is well-spoken with experience speaking to media and is able to explain issues in a clear, simple, fun/engaging way. They will also share theNewsWorthy episode with his/her own large or growing audience.  The guest should also have access to an external microphone for high-quality audio sound and be available via Skype or Zoom.

Best Advice:

-Research the show you’re pitching and customize the pitch appropriately (no generic email!)
-Build and use your network/ Facebook groups/ etc.: ask your friends to connect you if they know someone, offer your expertise in podcasting/business Facebook groups, go to conferences to meet people you can pitch later, etc.  You don’t have to rely just on cold calls and emails.
-Pitch smaller podcasts, too. They’re easier to get on at first and can still have very loyal listeners. It’s also a great way to practice being a podcast guest before you get on the huge shows.
-Keep the pitch clear and simple. Get to the point. You can always provide more details later.
-Keep trying! Don’t give up just because you get a few nos 🙂