Christopher Cumby & Allan Wich | Think Bold Be BoldThink Bold Be Bold

These 2 international business entrepreneurs have been delivering ‘business critical’ services for 55 years. Their experience includes sales; business development & acquisition for the energy, real estate, construction, architecture, medical/institutional and hospitality industries; spanning 2 continents, 29 states and delivering combined revenue and value for their partners exceeding 1 billion 250 million.

Their parent company Think Bold Be Bold Ventures, LLC owns and operates ‘Think Bold Be Bold Consulting’; ‘Think Bold Be Bold Kids’ (the company’s philanthropic endeavors); ‘Think Bold Be Bold Media’ which services ‘ThinkBoldBeBold’ Podcast hosted on C-Suite Radio, ‘Mavericks Mastermind’, ‘Mavericks Entrepreneur Magazine’ and ‘ThinkBoldBeBold TV’.

They have been featured in and on: ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Brian Tracy TV, KOIN 6, 8KGW News, Fox 12; contributing authors to: IHRA, AHLA, Cornell University SOHA, SmartBrief, Hotel Technology, HSYNDICATE, HSMAI, HSMAI Europe, NBTA, HITEC, HFTP, The Hospitality Hub,, econnect, The Emirates Academy,, AAH, Hospitality News, copious podcasts.

Podcast Topics:

  • Blue Ocean Strategies
  • Business scaling
  • Customer experience
  • Sales and Compounding Revenue
  • Business Collaboration
  • Business Disruption
  • Creating Uncontested Market Space
  • Public Artifact Development
    • Social Media Footprint
    • Audience Development
    • Loyalty Program Development

Ideal Guest Avatar: Bold thinker, C-Suite Executive, Solopreneur, Medium to large Business Owner, Entrepreneur

What are you looking for in a guest? Meet our Guest Avatar plus: entrepreneurial minded, Social Media practiced, of student mindset, hungry, team member, collaborator, innovator, blue ocean minded/practiced

Best advice to offer those looking at being a podcast guest: Regardless of the show platform, be relatable, visible, transparent and authentic. Your topic must serve the needs and/or wants of the podcast audience at minimum; if you are very smart they will serve the audience needs, your needs and the needs of the podcast host. Know your services well and how they add value….do your homework….and you will have a great experience, personally and economically!