Bruce Langford works full-time in the field of mindfulness as a consultant and life coach. He is the host and creator of the Mindfulness Mode Podcast where he interviews people from all walks of life who use mindfulness to stay centered and grounded. At one time, Bruce was filled with anxiety, but began to apply mindfulness strategies to his life; concepts he now teaches to others. Bruce’s background in the field of bullying prevention gives him a unique perspective because of the connection between self-sabotage, bullying, and mindfulness. Bruce has delivered more than 1,700 presentations and trainings, and his writings have appeared in numerous publications. Bruce lives with his wife, son and West Highland Terrier near London, Ontario Canada.

Podcast Topics: Mindfulness, Brain Science, Meditation, Focus, Mindset

Ideal Guest Avatar: A person who understands the concept of mindfulness and meditation and how your individual mindfulness practice has transformed your life.

I am looking for guests who tell stories to convey how mindfulness is at work in their lives. They have moved forward and achieved success because of specific mindfulness practices they have implemented in their lives such as meditation. Other mindfulness related activities may be running, surfing, mountain climbing, swimming, caving or cycling.

Advice for podcast guests: You have a compelling story to tell and you have a microphone and quiet room with a fast, directly connected internet signal. You are comfortable with easy conversation and you don’t monopolize the conversation. You enjoy discussing your strengths and weaknesses and how you use concepts of mindfulness. You are upfront and authentic when requesting an interview. You’ve listened to my podcast and you honestly believe you can contribute positively to this platform.